Oraquick accuracy?
An_250891 posted:
Hi, I did a Oraquick test today and it was over a year after my dangerous act. I had a drink of water at about 9:13PM and swabbed my gums at about 9:41PM for the test. I wasn't thinking clearly and was really nervous and forgot about the 30 minutes of no food or drink you need to wait to swab your gums. I don't think I drank any water in between these times. It is hard to remember though for certain 100% if I did or didn't drink in between these times but I'm pretty sure I didn't. Does anyone know if you have water about 28 minutes or less, before swabbing your gums could throw off the results? My results said negative. I'm assuming water would throw off your results the least, plus my saliva was really sticky and thick cause I was nervous. Any reply would be great. Thanks...
georgiagail responded:
No, drinking water 28 minutes before taking this test would not change the results one bit. The results would still be accurate in terms of your status.