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    Unprotected Oral Sex
    vphuket posted:
    Hi Gail,

    How are you doing.

    I had unprotected oral sex with a CSW wherein she gave me a BJ & I also sucked her nipples which was around 4 weeks back. Since last 4 days I am having Diarhoea (around 3-4 watery stools) & last night, I had slight fever accompanied by shivering for 2-3 minutes (I turned off the A/C & cuddled in a blanket & took a pill for my fever)

    Today, the fever has gone but I have passed 2 watery stools since morning & my stomach is rumbling after having evening snacks.

    Could this be a symptom of STD?

    Also, pls. suggest the test that I should immediately take for this.

    georgiagail responded:
    This is not a symptom of any STD.

    In terms of the risk of HIV, unprotected oral sex carries an estimated risk of .5 to 1 per 10,000 exposures with a source known to carry the virus. Your risk would be less since you cannot confirm your partners status.

    Nipple sucking by an adult is not a risk for HIV transmission.

    vphuket responded:
    Hi Gail,
    Thanks for the quick response (can I assume that I do not have HIV / (as well as STD...your confirmation on STD would be very much pertinent.

    I traveled from Home to Office yesterday morning & by Mid Day I was completely exhausted in spite of no physical activity (I had read that the symptoms I am having since last 4 days as mentioned in this & my earlier communication could point out to STD infection)

    Guess I am very much like the others in this forum who read about the symptoms on internet & conclude that they would also be suffering from STD on account of having similar symptoms.

    Thanks to your feedback, much of apprehensions & anxieties are addressed early enough.

    Also, if the CSW would be having ulcers/sores in her mouth, is there a probability of risk of STD infections (assuming she too is infected)

    Your response is much appreciated.

    georgiagail replied to vphuket's response:
    The statistical risk from oral sex is extremely remote. If you remain concerned you can, of course, always consider a screening test at the 3 month mark.

    We do not attempt to diagnose HIV (or any other STD for that matter) by symptoms; however, diarrhea is not a symptom of early onset HIV. And in the case of other far more common STDs such as Gonorrhea or Chlamydia the symptoms would tend to be a discharge and penile pain and/or burning instead of diarrhea.

    vphuket replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thanks for your response Gail.


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