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Low CD4, OHL, Depression, elisa Negative at 8 weeks
rock042 posted:
My sincere request to please respond [br>[br>1. On 3rd March 2013 my barber made a cut at back of my neck, at same time I noticed bleeding on his hand, he said same blade cut him as well. Before cut me he cut his hand. [br>[br>2. I google it and found it low risk but started monitoring myself [br>[br>3. Around 2 weeks 15 March- noticed small red dots on tip on my tongue and small round pimples at both my lip joints. Both still exist. I thought it is Herpes but it never converted to a pimple so far neither it hurts. After noticing this I got scared and now I am under constant depression since then. [br>[br>4. After guidance from internet I did following tests [br>[br>a. CD4 on 15th day Count was LOW- 380 [br>Absolute Lymphocyte 1245 [range 990-3150> [br>CD3 Total T 76 [59-83> [br>Absolute CD3 941 [677-2383> [br>CD4 Helper T 30 [31-59> [br>CD4 Absolute 380 [424-1509> [br>[br>b. RNA PCR Quantitative on 12th and 17th day- all NEGATIVE [br>c. Blood test ELISA "Antibody+P24 Antigen" on 14th, 28th, 35th, 40th, 54th Day -all NEGATIVE [br>[br>So far I have not got any FEVER but some chills, light sore throat, light muscle pain, light joint pains, light neck stiffness but all comes and goes without FEVER. [br>[br>I know conclusion will come after 13 weeks test but can someone please guide on my condition for following questions [br>[br>1. RNA PCR Quantitative is not approved for diagnosis, so this test at 17 days has no significance, result was "Target not detected". [br>[br>2. Can my CD4 380 be due to depression? [br>[br>3. Now I have OHL like symptoms, can OHL be there without HIV, due to bad immune system? [br>[br>4. Can my Antibody Creation [no Fever, no large Lymph nodes which appear when body start fight> be delayed due to my depression which suppressed my immune system due to depression [br>[br>God Bless
georgiagail responded:
Why are you spending tons of money on all these tests?

If you remain concerned take a simple ELISA at the 90 day mark.

By the way, is the barber HIV positive?

rock042 replied to georgiagail's response:
I am not sure of my Barber status. But my low CD4 and bad CD4\CD8 count gives me indications that I am positive.

Formula I used is [br>CD8=CD3-CD4

Do we know if RNA Quantitative at 17 days has any significance?

God Bless
georgiagail replied to rock042's response:
Actually, your low CD4 is NOT an indication that you are HIV positive. CD4 counts do not decrease in an infected individual until one has been positive for a fairly extensive period of time, not 12 days later after a possible exposure.

The RNA Quantitiative and the ELISA tests are FAR more accurate tests in terms of your status (negative by the way).


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