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Low risk exposure, ARS symptoms, Negative tests and chronic tongue problems
ashler posted:
I would like to see if there's someone else who had a similar problem.

Feb 2012 I had a one night stand with a girl of unknown status. She performed unprotected oral sex on me. Then I put a condom on and we had sex. Never think something could happen. I was wrong.

2 to 3 weeks laters (yes, the time frame for ARS symtpoms) a strange swollen lymph node show up in my neck (left part). This came together with a neck stiffness (another typic ARS symptom). Both symptoms subsided in about a week, and after this, I experience a severe urinary track infection (pain in testicles, urinating all the time, etc.). Went to the doctor who gave me ciprofloxacina for one week. Urine test came back negative.

Due the obvious symptoms, I was sure I was infected with HIV.

To my surprise, 4th Generation Tests at 5 weeks, 9 weeks and 4 months post incident came back negative.

From the 1st to the 4th month post incident I experienced pin and needles sensation and pain in most lymph nodes.

At 4th month post incident I noticed my tongue was white and there were this strange irritated taste buds/blisters? at the border of my tongue (photos can be seen here

I have this tongue problems for about ONE YEAR now. I have seen several doctors and no-one finds the cause.

I tested again at 7 months and 9 months post incident again with negative results. The 9th month test was performed in a different laboratory than the 4 first ones.

Hepatitis B and C were negative. 'Candida albacins complex' was diagnosed at 4 month post incident (oral swab test), however, two other tests in around September and November 2012 were negative for yeast.

I am in my mid 30's and have been a very healthy man until now.

The thing is, my partner and me would like to have a baby, and I am hesitant due the CHRONIC symptoms.

Should I perform a PCR RNA and CD4/CD8 tests?

The "ARS" symptoms and now the 1 year chronic tongue issues only point me in the HIV direction.

Please help!
ashler responded:
I forgot to mention that I have done several CBC and my white blood cells are in the low side of the scale: about 4500 to 5500 (range for an adult goes from 4000 to 10000). Lymphocites have bounced from 27% to 40% (range is 25% to 45%).
ashler replied to ashler's response:
Tongue photos:

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