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Scared I might be HIV
RobbiParker1207 posted:
Hi.. My name is Robyn.. I am 25 years old and have only slept with 2 people in my whole life... However... I was raped 3 years ago.. I didn't get tested right away and now I regret it.. I ended up seeing my gynecologist after experiencing bad yeast infections... She told me to get tested but I was so scared all I said was ok. She ran "std" test on me. That's all the results said. No specifics.. 3 years later I am engaged and planning a wedding.. However in the past year I have had 8-10 yeast infections.. 3 Black tongues... White spots, not patches, on my tongue... And now I have a very sore throat with white spots on them... I am extremely scared and driving my fiance nuts... I dont know what to do.. I have no job and no health insurance... I am really scared.. Can anyone give me advice as to what this is?!
georgiagail responded:
Yeast infections (and I'm going to assume these are vaginal yeast infections) are depressing common among women. Sometimes being on birth control pills can trigger yeast infections as they can change the pH in the vaginal tract a bit, allowing the overgrowth of yeast that is normally present there. Changing the brand of birth control to a higher or lower dose can help.

However, your sore throat, yeast infections and ?black tongue? has nothing to do with HIV.

If you are uncertain as to whether an HIV test had been run when your gynecologist ordered these tests, call their office to confirm this...but since she suggested this be done, it is likely that it was included in the series of tests and everything came back negative.

RobbiParker1207 replied to georgiagail's response:
Oh my gosh thank you so much.. I have been scaring myself silly.. I'm one of those few girls terrified of STDs so I never slept with people because of it. But thank you so much I will call the office.

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