certified08 posted:
hello guy I had a brief moment of enercourse with a female friend for bout 15-30 seconds but I came to my senses and stop and said we got to use a rubber so she said she had nun but she gave me some ooral sex and im worried about catching aids now I need to know if im ok im worried so much I haven't been check up yet cuz im too worried of the results this was a month ago I look some info up online and it said hiv/aid is not that easy to catch but im still worried beacause I got a burning feeling in my penis every sense that nite can some one pleas give me some info to help I never experience this b4 so I don't kno what to do I hope it all works out well I don't wanna wait too long and everytime I even look at a gurl it worries me so much ugggh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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so do you they my risk of aid is ok
  • what could be the out come to 2-3 mins enercourse
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georgiagail responded:
Is this female friend even HIV positive?