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Planned Parenthood possibly infected needles
An_252534 posted:
I've been experiencing anxiety lately in regards to my health. I think that I can get HIV from food exposure, sharing food/utensils, and getting scratched by someone. So I went to Planned Parenthood to get tested. I asked the nurse if it was a new needle and I saw her take it from a bin/container with other needles. It had a green lid and I saw her open it. Why don't hospitals/clinic use needles in plastic packages. Now my mind is racing and I keep thinking that since there are many protesters who stand outside the building what if one broke in and infected the needles. Could the nurse tell if those needles were used or not? After it is used can you tell it was used? Or can a person just simply put a lid back on and let hiv blood sit on it? How long can hiv blood live on the needle? Sorry I really have anxiety.
georgiagail responded:
Do you seriously believe protesters break into Planned Parenthood Organizations and deliberately infect needles with HIV tainted blood?

They don't.

Prostesters protest outside Planned Parenthood Organizations because the idiots don't like the idea Planned Parenthood offers clean and safe alternatives to unwanted pregnancies.

They could give a whoop about someone using these services for STD testing.

georgiagail replied to naraya's response:
And the reason Planned Parenthood would infect their own needles would be....what??? There's no common sense reason for them to do this.

In addition, eating a wrap with food prep workers blood on it (even IF this blood came from someone who was HIV positive) is NOT a risk for HIV transmission.

You cannot "catch" HIV from food utensils, food exposure, getting scratched by someone, sharing cell phones, etc.. And no, folks don't go around infecting needles with HIV.

georgiagail replied to naraya's response:
Stop listening to that this person is telling you. Planned Parenthood has no secret plan to kill or get rid of a certain population of people. They offer lower cost reproductive services, including STD testing to folks who otherwise could not afford these.

They provide these services despite groups of folks who protest against them (sometimes violently) for certain aspects of the services them provide. They have no agenda to wipe out a certain population. That's a crazy theory that has no truth behind it.

You are not an idiot but your anxiety is getting the best of you and if your fear that HIV is so easy to catch is frightening you it is important to remember that it actually is one of the most difficult STD's to transmit to another person. The virus is EXTREMELY fragile outside the body, typically living only seconds outside the warmth of the human body. That is why things like food, eating utensils, shaking hands, sharing phones, stepping on blood, etc. are not risk factors for becoming infected. Unless you are engaging in unprotected sex or sharing of IV drug needles with others who are infected with the virus, you are really not at risk for becoming infected.


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