An_252534 posted:
Hi I just left the dentist. After I got cleaned by the hygienist 5the dentist took me to another room to just to have a look. I'm worried that the mirror he put in my mouth was somebody's else. It looked a little dirty but it could of been the one they used on me earlier but I'm not sure. Lets say it was somebody else and it had hiv fluid on it. Am I at risk? He just used it to look around. I don't think my gums were bleeding. Also I called to talk to him but he had patients so they took a message and I expect him to call back. I'm not sexual active should I get tested after this dentist visit?
georgiagail responded:
There is no reason for testing over this. You didn't see blood on this mirror and it certainly wouldn't have sexual fluids on it. Those are the only two fluids that would contain the virus. Your gums weren't bleeding and the dentist simply used the mirror to look into your mouth.