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Do I have HIV?
morganlove247 posted:
I am going insane over here! This is probably the third time I have thought I have HIV, But I think this time its for sure! Over a period of two months, I had unprotected sex three times with a black male. I didn't think anything of it, but about 2 weeks ago, I devopled a mildly sore throat. I was laying down going to bed when I relized my throat was becoming sore. It instantly crossed my mind that it is a HIV symptom. I could not sleep at all that night. Over the next week, I started getting mild body aches and feeling tired, all though I don't know if I felt any more tired than normal? This persisted probably for a good 8 days. The pain really never got unbearable, as in the past when I had strep throat/flu, all I could do was sleep. I still went on with daily life. My throat really was only sore when I would swallow. On the 8 day, I finally felt normal. Well this week, when I go to the gym, I keep noticing how my foot like kinda goes numb/tingly when I am doing the elliptical machine. Now today, I feel like a weird sensation in my hands and now I am starting to feel like my sore throat and body aches might be coming back? I don't know what to do!!! I am freaked out!!! I don't want to have HIV! If you are positive and had early symptoms of Hiv, can you please describe in detail what you experienced as well as if you think I might have it? I am way too scared to get tested!
Mcculja responded:
It could very well be your head playing games with you. You did something you know you shouldn't have...unprotected sex...and now you think you have something based off symptoms. I've done the same thing so I know how you feel. I would take a test...Oraquick...and see what that says. It could still be too early. The box says at least 3 months after the event. I hope you feel better.
georgiagail responded:
The symptoms of ARS (the acute, early onset stage of HIV) are described as "flu like" in nature, just like the "regular" flu.

While three months is the required time for testing, many cannot wait that long and typically begin to drive themselves crazy during this waiting time period. A screening test done at one month post a possible exposure is considered to be 95 percent accurate; that is, 95 percent of newly infected folks will have enough antibodies present to be picked up by the current available screening methods.

It is not unusual that those worried about their status will test and one month and then retest at three.


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