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    Need professional assessment on HIV risk
    An_253365 posted:
    On June 30th, a couple of friends and i decided to visit a strip club. After having a few drinks, a lady that worked there offered to give me a private lap dance and i accepted.

    During the entire lap dance she had her panties on and there was no penetration. However, she was wearing a string/thong. At some point during the lap dance, my bare penis was exposed. More specifically, the top part was and my penis was held back by the elastics on my boxers on the middle shaft of my penis. Im not sure if it was covered by my shirt or not. She dry kissed me twice, for about 2 to 3 seconds. At one point, she put the top part of her vagina on my mouth and i kissed it briefly.

    3 weeks after the exposure, my big toe nail started to turn yellow and drain pus. I visited the doctor and within seconds he said it was an ingrown toe nail and performed a surgery. I am wondering if this diagnosis was accurate because a yellow toe nail is not caused by ingrown toenails. Also the proximal region seems to be the region affected which made me stress even more. I checked all of my lymph nodes and noticed my right inguinal lymph node is swollen. Exactly six week later i had what i hope was a cold. For the first 2 days, i had a sore throat. Then i had a very runny nose for two days and blowed my nose until i finished all my tissue paper at work. During the last 2 to three days i had hacking cough.

    1) Was there any risk involved
    2) Can a fungal infection as soon as 3 weeks after exposure be related to ARS.
    3) Do my cold symptoms resemble ARS
    4) Can severe anxiety lower my immune system to show all of these symptoms.

    Best Regards
    georgiagail responded:
    1. No. Your "risk" involved a brief kiss on her vagina. This is not a risk for HIV transmission.
    2. No.
    3. No.
    4. Nope unless your severe anxiety involves not eating, vomiting over worry, severe diarrhea over the same (i.e., essentially starving yourself over time).

    anxious___very replied to georgiagail's response:
    ok, thank you very much for this info.
    anxious___very replied to georgiagail's response:
    So even if i had a legitimate exposure, is it still possible that a fungal infection appears after 3 weeks because of my exposure. Or does a fungal infection due to HIV only appears years after being infected, after the immune system is severely damaged?

    Thanks in advance
    georgiagail replied to anxious___very's response:
    The opportunistic infections (including fungal infections specifically connected with HIV) occur years after the initial transmission in an untreated individual.

    It is not until the disease has moved from HIV into the end stage (AIDS) that one begins to see these specific infections. On the average (again in an untreated individual) this takes approximately a decade to develop.

    Your toe issue 3 weeks after briefly kissing a strippers vagina are not connected.

    anxious___very replied to georgiagail's response:
    Ok, thats all i wanted to know.

    Thank You

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