What is the average time you can pick up hiv antibodies orally
An_253425 posted:
I had unprotected sex for about 15 mins I stopped cause I realized 15 minutes late it was stupid it was July 30 or31st I took a home oral oraquick test during 3rd week August 23rd then another the next day. Then I took one on 4th week on the 30th cause my nerves were bad. They all were negative. I had went to dr on 29th for blood test. But I got to wait for results. What are my chances the oral test I took was correct
georgiagail responded:
If you are asking what is the recommended time for testing, it is 12 weeks after a potential exposure.

The estimate is that 95 percent of newly infected folks who test at 4 weeks post transmission WILL have enough antibodies present to show a "reactive" (i.e., positive) test result at that testing.