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    Early symptoms time frame and likelihood of HIV
    An_253427 posted:
    I am two weeks today in after my potential encounter in Mexico. I had sex twice with a working girl while experiencing a night out with some friends. We used condoms and purely had vaginal sex. I made sure to be careful about putting on and taking of the condom. My concern is during our second encounter, I noticed blood on the condom and stopped. She might of started her period. I quickly whipped off the condom and then took it off. We ended there. No kissing and no foreplay. I went to a planned parenthood and tested clean the next day( I know this is too soon to tell). The nurse didn't seemed as concerned as I am.

    No for my concerns. The blood worries me greatly. I also had night sweats/ burning up 3 nights later. My genital area was itchy day 1-3 and then stopped. I developed sickness symptoms, light headed, shakes after the fever night. The next 7 days I continued to feel sick with those symptoms. My urethra now burns and my tip is red. I went to the doctors and they feel it isn't std related but I am testing for gon and syph( I am on 10 days antibiotics now). Two weeks later I am still a bit under the weather but no where near last week.

    Can someone experience HIV symptoms that early in exposure? Could this be all anxiety driven?I am generally very healthy. I have never done something like this nor will I ever again. I plan on getting retested for everything on 3rd week. Paying for HIV blood test, herpes, etc.
    georgiagail responded:
    The blood was on the OUTSIDE of the condom. Even assuming this working girl was HIV positive (something you have no knowledge of), the virus cannot cross an intact latex condom.

    I suspect your symptoms of light headedness and shakes are due more to stress than anything else. At any rate, these are not symptoms of HIV.

    An_253427 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thank you Gail. It was on the outside and hope that the precaution taking it off helps. Worst case, I am hoping no blood got in my penis when taking off the condom. Are symptoms this soon likely?

    I appreciate the peace of mind. If all works out, this was a heck of a life lesson.
    curiouslyanxious replied to An_253427's response:
    Gail, what and when does someone see a rash?
    georgiagail replied to curiouslyanxious's response:
    We do not attempt to diagnose HIV by symptoms, only by risk.

    curiouslyanxious replied to georgiagail's response:
    So I am at the 3 week and beginning to drive my self insane with worry. I have developed a pink/little red rash on my upper chest and neck over the past 4 days. It is not raised or overalls itchy. I have not had any other symptoms, just light rash. I am doing a early detection blood test today and hope to know something soon. Could this be an anxiety thing or is it a major concern ? Looking for some insight or piece of mind. Thank you for your time.

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