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possible unprotected hookup, scared about HIV symptoms
ladylightning14 posted:
I've been going through a lot of mental and emotional instability lately and hooked up with a guy I did not know at all last Friday (Sept 6). Horrible guy and I basically consented to sex because he wouldn't lay off... Anyway I told him to wear a condom and he did, but I'm not sure if he took it off in the middle of intercourse. He kept holding my arm up above my head, and after he finished he quickly threw a blanket on me... I tossed the blanket off and got up and asked (just to make sure, even though I saw the condom on him before he inserted himself) if he wore a condom. He said "nah." I freaked out and he said "I did wear it, sorry I don't want to freak you out." I asked where it was and he said "under the blanket." I looked and there was a condom, but it didn't look like anything was in it.... anyway, we don't talk anymore. He hasn't contacted me. I recently found his number again and have been texting about the incident and his status but he isn't replying...

Anyway for the past 4-5 days I've been experiencing a bad sore throat, occasional cough, night sweats that cause my tank top to be soaked, and some mild muscle aches. I know these are early symptoms of HIV. I'm so scared and worried about this. I can't believe I have to freak out over this for 3 MONTHS before test results will be accurate. I don't know what to do!!! I just keep thinking that this guy infected me on purpose. I remember before I got to his place he saw his roommate by the lake (we were walking along the path) and he's like "Let's walk this way.. I don't want him seeing us..." I keep thinking that his roommate knows what a a**hole he is and what he does and that's why he didn't want him seeing us. Anyway, I'm so freaked out... I don't know what to do. Please help!!!!
ladylightning14 responded:
By the way, I didn't see him take the condom off after sex... that's why I'm extra worried..
georgiagail replied to ladylightning14's response:
Couple of things to keep in mind...

The first stage of HIV (known as ARS for Acute Retroviral Syndrome) occur two to six weeks after transmission. Your symptoms have started taking place far too early after this event. At least some of these symptoms may very likely be due to anxiety.

If you remain concerned over this event, you can always consider a first test at one month post this event. By then, up to 95 percent of newly infected folks will have enough antibodies present to test "reactive" (i.e., positive) using current testing methods. If negative results, it's good feedback that you are not infected; you then follow up with your second three month test to finally rule all of this out.

Finally, don't allow yourself to get in this same situation again. It's simply not worth the agony of worry for 3 months.


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