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sorry to bother you
nebraskalove posted:
I promised myself that I wouldn't bother you again, but I can't see my counselor until Monday and now I'm going crazy. I went to an assembly on campus late and had to sit on the floor of the auditorium. I didn't check to see if anything was on it. While sitting I just kept thinking I was sitting on a needle and at some point my left thigh was pulsing if that even makes sense. I didn't want to get up to distract others but after the presentation I stood and couldn't see anything because the floor was dirty. I'm afraid that maybe I sat on a broken needle which made it hard to see on the floor. I looked at my thigh afterwards and saw some raised like bumps. like after you get an injection or shot. I'm terrified and crying. I'm talking to my grandmother about it but she doesn't know what to tell me. Its my homecoming but now I can't enjoy because I feel like I have HIV or Hepatitis. I didn't see blood but I had on black pants. Also I always think that there wouldn't always be blood when you're pricked or stabbed with a needle.
georgiagail responded:
You didn't sit on a broken needle.


If you had, you would simply not have felt your thigh pulsating. You would have leaped to your feet instantly, probably hollering at the top of your lungs.

Your thigh was pulsating because you were thinking (and worrying) that you had sat on a broken needle and that same darn OCD started working on your head again.

Try this. Take a clean pin. Stick it in your thigh. Ouch!!!! Getting stuck by a needle would be really, really, REALLY hard to miss.

Go and enjoy Homecoming and please stop worrying about HIV and Hepatitis.


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