Whats wrong with me? Someone please HELP!
yeagemk posted:
I DONT think this is HIV - I just don't know where else to post, and since whatever I am experiencing seems to be damaging my immune system, I figured I'd post here, in hopes that someone could help me solve this, or at least point me in the right direction.

First - I am a fitness professional. A personal trainer with a heavy client load who spends long hours in a busy gym. I am definitely exposed to a lot.

I went to Japan for 3 weeks, and a day after my return, I developed this:

Cellulitis that required IV antibiotics. My blood count at this time came back normal. I was given oral antibiotics to take at home, and soon it cleared up

around three weeks later, I developed this on my leg:

a very painful, swollen, "angry" repeat of what i dealt with 3 weeks prior...This time, this rash was accompanied by general fatigue, feverish feelings, and just a general feeling of being unwell. I returned to the hospital for treatment. Oral antibiotics given. The doctor said it appeared to be MRSA, or another type of staph infection. After I was given the antiobiotics, the symptoms cleared up for many months, and I thought everything was back to normal.

about 5 months later, After my final exams during my fall semester of college, a similar case of cellulitis popped up, which left me feeling unwell and fatigued for about a month. The slightest workout would leave me feeling cold sweats and give me swollen lymph nodes.

The Doctor gave me antibiotics for a month and ran full blood work on me, and everything is normal.

Recently I have been getting more of these things. Here is the latest:

These pictures only represent a small fraction of these outbreaks. A few days ago i had one on my forearm, the week prior one on my OTHER forearm, etc. These outbreaks almost always occur on my forearms, or feet. the only time I have ever experienced an outbreak on my thigh was in the picture I showed you. ive NEVER had any sort of outbreak on my torso.

I have NOT had to seek treatment at the hospital for these things in well over a year. Usually general best rest and clean living will clear these things up (at least visually and symptom wise) without medical intervention.


these outbreaks are triggered by stressful events - travel, academic, or physical, as in workouts that I might do. If i "take it easy", my experience thus far has lead me to believe that I wont manifest symptoms. This is incredibly stressful, as I am an athlete trying to train for competition, which is made impossible by this. Every "outbreak" starts looking like a simple bug bite. There are generally 2 "bites" about 1 cm apart from each other at the epicenter. Occasionally, these outbreaks will ooze a clear fluid, but not all the time.

Does anyone have ANY idea what this is? Help is much appreciated!
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I'm sorry but your pictures do not open.