Pls help
An_253928 posted:
Pelase suggest is there any chance of lymph gland swelling in the centre of of bcak side of the neck?.

Lymph gland swelling will last for how many days minimum in case of HIV early symptom.

Fever is must early symptom of hIV?, if so what is the minimum body temeprature of this kind of fever.

HIV early sysmptom rashes can be look like scraching the skin with sharp edge?.

Please help me in gettign answer for above querries
georgiagail responded:
We do not attempt to diagnose HIV by symptoms because it is
simply impossible to do so. The symptoms of early stage HIV are just "flu like" in nature and could simply mean one has, well, the flu (especially this time of year).

If you believe you may be infected with this virus, the recommended time period for testing is 90 days after a potential exposure.