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sex with csw: sharp drop in cd4, diagnosed with hcv, hiv negative at 57 days using 2nd gen
An_254090 posted:
I am an indian, a 30 year old male. I had sex with an Indian csw. I had used double condoms. My urethera was covered throughout. [br>[br>Seconds after pulling out, I removed the condom using my right hand. Some vaginal fluid stuck to my fingers. I took some amount of water and with the same hand cleaned my penis repeatedly. After this I took some water in the same hand and used it to gargle/ gulp. [br>[br>A month later, too afraid to take an hiv test, i took a cd4 count test and a liver function test. LFT was normal and cd4 was 843 at 43.2%. [br>[br>50 days after the incident, I took a cd4 test, an hcv test and a lft test. [br>HCV was positive. liver enzymes were significantly elevated and cd4 count went down to 454 at 42.7%. [br>

57 days after the incident I took a retroquick hiv test. It was negative. A retroquick test is a 2nd gen test. [br>[br>[br>My cd4 count significantly decreased in a span of 20 days. My liver enzymes became elevated in these 20 days. [br>These are classic symptoms of acute hiv infection (Including increased enzyme levels). [br>[br>[br>I am afraid that I might have contracted hcv from the sex worker. Also, since prevalence of hiv is very high among indian csws, i am afraid, I might have contracted hiv from her too.

1.What percentage of people would test psoitive using a 2nd generation test at 8 weeks?
2. Can factors other than hiv cause such a drastic drop in cd4 count as in my case?
3. Seconds after taking off my condom, I felt vaginal fluid on it. Using the same hand I repeatedly cleaned my penis. Then, I used the same hand to gargle?
4. does co-exposure to hiv and hcv delay window period?

Could any of these activities have enabled hiv transmission?Please advise. I am extremely stressed.

Please help.


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