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Tested negative at 6 weeks but have many symptoms. What to do?
concernedguy92 posted:
Hello again. I posted about 8 or 9 months ago about an incident, sadly another one has occurred.
October 6th (it was a Sunday) I had unprotected sex with a man I've known for awhile. He did not ejaculate in me, as I requested he pull out before he does. He did pull out.
I did "catch" some of his semen in my mouth, but I did not swallow it. I spit it out maybe a minute later.
Fast forward to November 10th/11th, I began having headaches, feeling a little weak (still functional, but I could tell I wasn't my normal self) and had developed two canker sores on my gums. Headaches went away and the weakness went away the next day, but the canker sores are still here. Saturday (11/16) I woke up with an extremely painful sore throat. I thought at first that it was because I had my fan on Thursday night & maybe the air was blowing directly in my face. However I was facing the opposite way of the fan when I slept. The sore throat has gotten worse, and it's hard to eat or drink anything. My mother says when she had a sore throat like that, it actually turned out to be a abscess in her throat (no medications worked for her. Throat meds and cough/sore throat drops did nothing nor did drinking hot tea) which is exactly how I feel. NOTHING is working to make my throat feel better. I also had light diarrhea yesterday (Sunday 11/17) but it wasn't watery. It was softer than usual but still looked firm when I looked in the toilet. Wasn't watery at all.
I plan to go to the ER tonight when my mother gets off from work (I don't have a car to drive myself).

My question is, could this possibly be ARS symptoms from HIV? I've read on multiple sites that headaches, some weakness, sweating (which I'm kinda doing now), sore throat, and diarrhea are all symptoms.
I did take an Oraquick at-home test on Saturday (11/16) which would be 5 weeks & 6 days post-exposure. It says I'm negative.

Any insight would be great. & I'm so sorry for posting again, but I don't know where else to look to until I go to the ER tonight.
concernedguy92 responded:
Okay, just had more diarrhea. This time it was watery. Also I have a fever. One thermometer said 100.4 the other one said 100.5. When ARS symptoms occur, isn't a fever almost always present?
georgiagail replied to concernedguy92's response:
Sorry; we don't attempt to diagnose HIV by symptoms here.


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