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Anxiety VS HIV? (Tests been done) please help!
wirelessbrain posted:
Hello everyone. Like most here I am completely anxious about having HIV.

Briefly this is the situation: Unprotected Receptive Anal Sex in December Started PEP within 72 hours. Negative test 6 weeks post-pep Negative test 9 weeks post-pep

As said I am now 9 weeks and 3 days since I finished taking PEP. I tested on 26th (9 weeks) and this was negative. However on the 27/28th I've started to develop a rash on my chest and back. Looks similar to the HIV rashes seen on google images.

I have been told that whilst 3 months (12 weeks) is conclusive my 9 week test plus the 6 week and everything else is pretty much accurate to say I don't have HIV. However I am still so scared I am that person who develops it between 9-12 weeks.

Is this just my anxiety do you think?

Thanks everyone in advance. I'm totally going crazy here.
georgiagail responded:
Likely anxiety. It would be highly unusual for you to test negative at 9 weeks and positive at 12.

wirelessbrain replied to georgiagail's response:
Thank you Gail for such a quick response!! Very much appreciative.

I think, as strange as it sounds, I won't be 'satisfied' until I get that positive result because I'm so convinced I have acquired it.

I know tests at 9 weeks are like 98% accurate. Is been about 15 weeks since the exposure and whilst I took PEP a test would have surely picked it up.

My last question. I started to develop a patch of dry skin (red patch) on my stomach about 2/3 weeks ago and then 2 days after my 9th week test I get these little ones over my back (The rash I mention above). If these were ARS symptoms they would have been picked up on the 6th week and most definitely 9th week test wouldn't they?

(I think I'm also trying to reassure myself here and bring some logic to this)

Thanks again Gail!!!
georgiagail replied to wirelessbrain's response:
ARS systems are described as "flu like" with symptoms like the "regular" flu; joint pain and feeling rather like one has been run over by a Mack truck.

There can be many reasons for patches of dry skin that have nothing to do with HIV.


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