Wet towel
An_256806 posted:
Dear sir,sorry to share my worry to you. I went to massage which was not good condition, I was sure that one man just left the room suddenly I went in to the room and used the same towel to wear, the towel was wet, the massage girl started massage and I was still on towel then my penis became hard and very attach to the towel for about 10mns, she still continue massage around my genital, my tip penis became wet. I asked her to do hand job then she removed the towel, my tip penis very wet. About 10 mms more I did get ejaculate so we decide to stop. 1 day later I had unprotected sex with my wife the she got itchy in her vaginal and had fever, she started antibiotic by Dr. So what I worry are: wet towel attached to my tip penis till wet for long, could I be infected of hiv from this situation? I am so worry about my wife she got STD or other bacteria but I am most worry of infected hiv to her if my scenario above can transmit of hiv? Please kindly consult me, Thanks
georgiagail responded:
No; you could not have picked up HIV this way and infected your wife.