needingresolve posted:
Hi Gail

I had a risk event around 5 months ago, involving oral with out ejaculation in my mouth.

I was recently offered a state job and they draw blood before I can participate in the physical for position

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I took oraquick home test waiteed 21 mins and read results as a negative

Was wondering if I can trust these results and could I have been a false negative

Hope to hear back soon, thanks!!
georgiagail responded:
Yes; you can trust these test results.

Oral sex (even with ejaculation) carries an extremely low risk of HIV transmission. The statistics we use for estimated risk from unprotected oral sex are .5 to 1 per 10,000 exposures with a source KNOWN to carry the virus. This assumes that the act is carried to completion.

Your risk would have been even less since ejaculation did not take place and (I'm assuming) you do not know the status of this partner.

These test results were not a false negative. You do not have this virus.