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    Oraquick In Home HIV Testing
    ranjed1987 posted:

    I had an unprotected sex in late Dec, 26 2013, then again with the same person, I believe beginning of March 2, 2014 (but it was Protected sex). I waited 12 weeks and few days after the first exposure (Dec 26) and I tested myself using Oraquick In Home HIV Test, Oral swab (on April 6, 2014) It was negative... I tested myself again using Oraquick In Home HIV Test yesterday (4 months) after the first exposure on Dec and it was negative too...

    Should I wait 3 months and test again for the second exposure that took place in March meanwhile it was protected sex with the same person)... Do I need to test more again??

    I have been having these symptoms for over than 2 months All I feel is some body aches ( pain comes and goes, like hits me in my arms, thighs, neck, shoulders, knees and legs) and some redness around my thighs and knees).

    I have question about testing procedure, yesterday while I was swabbing my gums, the stick accidentally touched my teeth!!! Does that affects my test result??

    I worried about other STDs so I went to parent planned-hood clinic 2 weeks ago and I tested for Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia and they told me the results in 2 weeks and they will call me before 2 weeks if any of my tests is abnormal and if I don't hear from them in 2 weeks it means I'm fine and my tests are negative. Fortunately, It has been over 2 weeks and they didn't call me, and they also use the same test I used for HIV Testing Oraquick (Oral swab).

    So should I test again, or I can rely on the Oraquick test result as conclusive negative and stop testing for HIV?? please any advise. Thank you.
    ranjed1987 responded:
    Also When I went to parent planned-hood clinic they told me that my symptoms has nothing to do or related to any STD's!!!!!
    georgiagail responded:
    "Should I wait 3 months and test again for the second exposure that took place in March meanwhile it was protected sex...."...

    Assuming protected sex means a latex condom was used...and used accurately...and did not break or Even assuming this partner was HIV positive, the virus cannot cross an intact latex barrier.

    Touching your teeth with the stick would have no effect on the accuracy of your test result.

    The Planned Parenthood Clinic was correct. None of your symptoms really have anything to do with any STD. And since you did not hear from them regarding your other STD tests, it sounds as if you did not pick these up from your first unprotected sexual encounter back in December either.

    You can stop testing for HIV. You are HIV negative. Go out and celebrate! Invest in condoms instead of more OraQuick test kits!

    ranjed1987 replied to georgiagail's response:
    yeah the second time was protected (even though I forgot to mention that there were no penetration but I still used the condom to be on a safe side we only had some rubbing and frottage) with the same person i had the unprotected sexual encounter back in Dec.

    Gail thank you so muchhhhhhhhh

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