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Got gonorrhea, now worried about more.
An_257246 posted:
I am a 33 yr old male in a monogamous relationship with a 25 year old male. Sometimes my partner and I invite a 3rd person into our fun. On May 3rd we were with someone and it was kinda blah. I sucked on him a bit, my bf sucked on him a bit, he sucked on my bf a bit. He tried to do anal (safe with a condom), but the guy couldnt keep it up. I was the only person to ejaculate and I did that by finishing myself off. The following Friday, May 9th, we wanted to erase the bad memories of the previous 3some so on our way to a wedding we stopped and met up with another guy at his place. We only did oral sex. Sucking, rimming and kissing. My bf and I ejaculated on the 3rd persons chest and before he ejaculated I licked up some of my bfs semen off the guys chest and snowballed with him. My bf and I did not come in contact with his semen. Tuesday morning I started to get symptoms of gonorrhea/chlamydia (penile discharge with itching urethra). I went to medexpress and was tested and treated for both. The symptoms are gone, and they called me today and told me I tested negative for chlamydia but positive for gonorrhea. I told both partners (as well as my boyfriend...he went and was treated as well). Both partners are worried/upset that it could have been them, and both feel sorry. They went and got tested but the results are not back yet. Both feeling paranoid went and bought a oraquick test for HIV...both came back negative. Both told me, and I trust them, that they were safe in the past 3 months (only oral, safe anal). The one said the only sexual exposure he had in the past 3 months (other than us) was giving a guy head for a few minutes then the guy ejaculated on his back. The other guy said he swallowed someones semen and safe bottomed in that 3 month window. I do plan to get tested regardless. How soon should I get tested for prelim results and how long until I should know fairly certainly? What do you think the odds are of me contracting HIV from these descriptions of events? Everything seemed very low risk (even if one of them did have HIV, which I do not believe they do) but getting gonorrhea has made me quite nervous. Thanks for the response.
georgiagail responded:
Keep in mind that bacterial based STD's such as gonorrhea and chlamydia are FAR easier to pick up than HIV since they require only contact with mucous membranes for transmission. Likely the rimming was the process of introducing this bacteria into your system.

Your odds in terms of HIV are only oral; the stats we use here from unprotected oral are .5 to 1 per 10,000 exposures with a source KNOWN to carry the virus.

While the recommended time period for test is 3 months, many cannot wait that long. A test done at one month is considered to be 95 percent accurate; some will test at one month, then retest at three.


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