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afraid getting infected..
cozilikegirls posted:
dear doc,

im seaman,during shoreleave i have a sex experience.first time in prostitute.i wear condom because im afraid.after we have sex,we eat together..then she asked me to put a mark in her i put ask she said..i nipped her breast 5minutes,then i noticed theres a blood in my teeth and her breast has a mark of my teeth. is this blood is enough to infect me?
georgiagail responded:
Since it's likely this blood was yours, no.

cozilikegirls replied to georgiagail's response:
dear doc,

i think the blood is from her?i suck her breast 5 minutes..theres a mark of my teeth,even though i dont bited her,i saw very small amount of blood remaining in her breast..i used condom..thats all i worried.
georgiagail replied to cozilikegirls's response:
Sounds like you gave her a hickie from all this sucking.

Even IF she was HIV positive, simply getting her blood in your mouth would not transmit the virus to you. Remember that in order for transmission to take place the virus has to actually enter your body through a cut, wound, damaged mucous membrane (swallowing doesn't count).

In other words, at the time of the breast sucking, you would need to have an open (i.e., bleeding) wound, cut, etc. in YOUR mouth for there to even be a risk of transmission (again, assuming SHE was even HIV positive). It's rather doubtful you'd be up to any sexual friskies with such pain and bleeding.

Look at it this way. Say she was HIV positive and you two decided to do some sharing of IV drug needles. Sounds pretty risky right? I mean, you inject yourself with a dirty needle that she, as an HIV positive person just used. This must be a 100 percent chance you'll end up infected, right?

Wrong. The statistics we use on ESTIMATED risk from needle-sharing IV drug use is just 67 per 10,000 exposures with a source KNOWN to carry the virus.

Thus, your risk from giving a hickie to someone whose status is unknown and with perhaps getting a drop of blood on your teeth and NO open wound in your mouth is

cozilikegirls replied to georgiagail's response:
brushed my teeth before that,and my gums is damage and have cut..but after i put kiss mark,i immediate spit and drink then blow so the blood will wash out..

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