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I'm terribly sorry, Gail. One last question
jellisindiana posted:
Hi Gail-

I was feeling good about my 84 day finger prick negative test, until I came across this video:

This guy claims that he first started getting sero symptoms in January and didn't test positive until June. He had multiple test between January and June.

I thought all tests were conclusive at 3 months? Really worried now...
georgiagail responded:
Good gravy. Watching this guy was worse than watching paint dry...

This young man had a CD4 count for just 5. When he was diagnosed he had full blown AIDS, not just HIV positive. His immune system had already been terribly damaged by the virus and he had likely been infected for a significant period of time despite looking so young in the video.

When the disease is at the end stage like his (and the immune system is so severely damaged) it can affect the immune systems ability to produce antibodies to anything, including antibodies to the virus. This not only explains why his oral tests continued to come back as "negative" (as well as the "indeterminate" Western Blot) but also why he continued to present with thrush and a specific type of pneumonia typically connected with AIDS.

In others words, in his case, the reason the oral tests did NOT pick up his status has nothing to do with the actual tests and everything to do with his immune system not being able to produce enough antibodies at the end stage of the disease.

This is NOT the situation in your case with testing done 84 days after a possible exposure. As a general rule, it takes someone about a decade (in an untreated individual) to move from HIV into AIDS.

I hope this makes sense.

dskman replied to georgiagail's response:
He posted an update on another site, and says his CD4 is now back up to mid 200s, but he has suffered from some IRIS. He seems very hopeful.
georgiagail replied to dskman's response:
With a CD4 count of just 5 he was started on HIV medications. This helped to increase his counts although he remains in the stage of AIDS.

It is good that he has responded to the medications.


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