HIV+ and HEP-C+ for 17+ years
bubbajay63 posted:
Hello, I have been on cocktails for 17+ years and now approaching the date that my Liver specialist wanted me to get treatment for HEP-C. I have many of the long-term effects of the Cocktails now and I am worried that the new HEP-C medications will make me worse. I have also recently had a Heart Attack and I'm still going through Cardio Rehab for a few months yet. I have a more aggressive strain of HIV and had to change medications 4 times now. I don't have money or insurance that will pay for many of the non HIV treatments that I will require. Are there other resources for Heart Rehab funding and Hep-C treatments like I get for my HIV bills?
georgiagail responded:
Sorry; I am not knowledgeable enough in that area to know of any such resources. Is there a social worker connected with your rehabilitation program? They may be able to provide you with this information.