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Oraquick home test
johnbear32 posted:
I had a risky encounter with a female in June 2013 and then with another in august 2013. I bought an oraquick home test in September 2013 and it was negative. I bout another test in January 2014, and it was also negative. I still feel like I am suffering from some of the "symptoms". Are the two tests enough to truly be negative? It could just be anxiety. Thanks.
georgiagail responded:
Testing done at least three months after a potential "exposure" is considered to be both conclusive and definitive in its accuracy.

That's a fancy way of saying the results were accurate as to your status...which is, thankfully, negative.

The thing is even if either of these two events had left you infected, you would not be having symptoms of HIV at this time. The timeline of symptoms connected with HIV are as follows...

1. Flu like symptoms two to six weeks after transmission.

2. Then....nothing. Nada. Zippo. Crickets...for years. It is not until the immune system has been terrible damaged by the virus that one begins to experience symptoms connected with this virus. In an untreated individual this takes, on average, a decade after transmission.

Does this mean you won't suffer symptoms SIMILAR to those seen with HIV? No. People can get a rash or the flu or body aches or swollen lymph nodes or...whatever you are currently experiencing. But these symptoms are not connected to HIV.

I hope this makes sense...

johnbear32 replied to georgiagail's response:
Yes it does make sense, and thank you for your response. I feel like it could be my mind telling me how dumb I was to put myself in those situations and have been suffering from anxiety.. I am now engaged and that is my biggest fear that I have messed up in the past, with something that can be Carried along for a lifetime for the both of us. The symptoms that I experiencing are throat pains(not necessarily soreness) primarily on the bottom left side. I also feel like I have weaker arms/hands. I gave up drinking about a year ago, and stopped lifting weights(I weighed around 210 at my peak) and am now weighing at 190. I tell myself it is because of the change of lifestyle, but there could also be a health condition with the weight loss without trying. With the two negative swab tests I am sure there is nothing to worry about, but for some reason it keeps lingering. Thanks agin for your help
georgiagail replied to johnbear32's response:
Many people worry that they may have HIV as some sort of punishment for a past behavior; say, for example, after visiting a prostitute. HIV is only a disease after all and really one that is actually pretty difficult to transmit to another person.

johnbear32 replied to georgiagail's response:
Gail, I took a third oraquick home swab test just to take the weight off of my shoulders. After testing negative after 1 month, 5 months, and now almost 12 months.. I feel much better. I feel as of I should treat myself to some chocolate! Thanks for your replies.

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