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Help me understand my results... Scared
scaredninja1 posted:
If you don't feel like reading the wall of text please see bottom of this post. [br>[br>I need help understanding my results that I got from the doctor's office compared to my oraquick results. In March I had a high risk exposure and two weeks later found out he was HIV+. I went to the doctor's office the next day to do a HIV ½ O test. Then I did a oraquick swab while waiting for the results and it came out negative. The results came back from the doctor's blood test and the doctor said it was reactive but not enough to tell whether it is positive or negative. Okay now im scared to even go back and do the other test because im not ready for the "official result". About a month goes by (1mth 2wks past exposure) I do another oraquick and it came out negative. Two weeks after that I do another one and still negative. At 3 months I do another one and it came out negative. I was relieved and my fears are all gone. So at 4 months I decided to just do one more to be sure and being confident that my results where negative that it turned out to be the opposite. At first I looked at the line and saw the control line only and I was relieved but when I put the test stick in my face I could see a really faint line on the "T" line. From the instructions that means positive regardless. All the other test sticks I put in bright light never showed any line at all but I could see this one at 4 months. So I went to get another one 2 hours later and this time it came out negative. [br>[br>Summary [br>[br>High Risk Exposure , found out person was HIV+ [br>[br>(2 week test) HIV ½ O blood test, reactive, doctor can't tell whether its positive or negative [br>[br>(2 week test) Oraquick Oral swab, negative [br>[br>(1 month, 2 week test) Oraquick Oral swab, negative [br>[br>(2 month) Oraquick Oral swab, negative [br>[br>(3 month) Oraquick oral swab, negative [br>[br>( 4 month) Oraquick Oral swab, positive , with a really faint line. [br>[br>(4 month 2 hours from last test) Oraquick Oral swab, negative.

(4 month 1 week) oraquick swab, postive, again with a faint line, this one even fainter but i see it for sure. [br>[br>[br>[br>My concerns [br>[br>1. Why did the doctor office test came out like it did? Is there only a reactive and non reactive results? Why did he say he did not know to make out of it? [br>[br>2. What did the oraquick pick up on at my 4 month test? Then negative then faint line at T again week later? [br>[br>3. The test instructions don't say how long it gotta be swabbed in your gums. Is my antibodies diluted in my mouth? Me taking Vitamin C everyday affect the test? I'm concerned that I been doing the oral swab wrong the whole time and that im postive. The C line was very strong in all test.
scaredninja1 responded:
Omg i need to edit this i typed it in word first
georgiagail replied to scaredninja1's response:
1. Why did the doctors test come out as it did?

You tested too early after the exposure.

2. What did the Oraquick test pick up on my four month test?

Can't tell because your posting is confusing.

If you don't have confidence in you doing the Oraquick test, go get another blood test. Many health departments do testing if you don't want to go back to this physician.

scaredninja1 replied to georgiagail's response:
Okay ill make this more sence and readiable.
Exposure was on 3/14 or 3/28 dont remember the date.
4/7 Doctor test hiv 1/2 o came out reactive, doctor cant tell it its positive or negative. Why?
1 week after docs test oraquick came out negative.
4/24 oraquick negative
5/14 oraquick negative
7/11 oraquick postive, line so faint almost cant see it with a naked eye
7/11 oraquick negative
7/15 oraquick postive, again with a really faint line could see it with a bright light.

Hoping much better;)
georgiagail replied to scaredninja1's response:
These are confusing results but I'd suggest that this faint "T" line means nothing. If producing antibodies the "T" line on the Oraquick should be quite easy to view after waiting the require time period.

I'd suggest going back and getting another blood test. The first one was done too early.

If this blood test comes back as "reactive" (i.e., positive) your physician should order a second test known as a Western Blot to rule HIV in or out.

scaredninja1 replied to georgiagail's response:
He ordered a rna test, i dont know why he did not do another hiv 1/2 o test. When i asked him what does he mean by intermediate he said that i was "reactive" but very faintly. Is these type of test done the same like oraquick where they are looking for a line?
I dont understand why i line in the first place showed up on my last test and if i was faintly postive at the doctors office why did it not show up until now?

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