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Please help!!
An_258323 posted:
I live with shared flatmates and don't know them well. We have many visitors. Hence I have a few questions - request your expert advise in the following
1) If I immediately had to wear an hiv infected person's un-laundered undergarments, am I at any risk?
2) I've read the virus lives for several hours - is that true? if not what is the exact time it lives for?
Consider the virus gets on my hand and potentially comes in contact with some part of my body/mucous membrane, is there a possibility of getting infected this way? how long does the virus live for?
3) If some amount of infected virus comes on one's hand, is washing with water enough?
4) Before going to the restroom, do I need to wash my hands ?

Thank you very much for your expert guidance. Currently i'm troubled and keep washing my hands/taking a bath often. please help me understand.
reading online has confused me more
georgiagail responded:
1. No.

2. No HIV is an extremely delicate virus outside the body. It typically lives seconds outside the body.

3. Yes

4. Nope.

help_please replied to georgiagail's response:
i've ready conflicting statements on other websites about how long the virus lives outside the body. Some say several minutes and others say several hours... what is the accurate time it lives outside the body

also is there any helpline i can call to learn more? have a few more doubts..
georgiagail replied to help_please's response:
Once the medium the virus is in (i.e., blood or sexual fluids) dries, the virus dies. Both of these mediums dry very quickly outside the body.

Don't confuse HIV with the hepatitis virus which can live longer outside the body.

help_please replied to georgiagail's response:
Understood. so i can assume they will dry within seconds outside the body unless the quantity is extremely large which is not possible with casual contact, correct?
georgiagail replied to help_please's response:
Yes; you are correct.


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