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    Lambskin condoms and HIV risks
    Columbiahelp posted:
    ok, here is the story.....i was in china-shanghai for business couple of weeks ago, anyway, and i called one of those spa messages places and asked for a lady. a lady comes to my room, we've had sex ( 2 times), i was very careful in doing so, i was putting on the condom myself, i made sure there was no contact whatsoever between my organs and hers so to the best of my knowledge i was really practicing safe sex. There was no long deep kissing at all, it was only like 2 seconds kiss on the lips. There was no anal sex. There was no sucking or licking from either one of us. It was only sex. I did figure her for like 20 seconds or so. Now, here is the situation: i didn?t know that there are other types of condoms (i.e lambskin condoms)---ignorant of me---, those that don?t provide prevention against HIV or any other STDs for that matter and i don?t know what type of condoms the lady gave me to wear when she came to my room? I don?t even know the status of the lady either? But i m assuming the worst here?, and what really got worrying even more is that 2-3 weeks after that exposure with the message lady, i have developed some kind of mild flu symptoms ( minor sneezing, mild cough, mild tiredness, didn?t have any fever) and it was gone in 3 days ( all i did was to drink a lot of orange juice). I m kinda worried now, given the situation described above, should i get tested in 3 months from now? ......what should i do? i at risk, and if so what?s the risk i m in right now?
    Nieciedo responded:
    It's really hard to say. The only risk activity here was the two instances of penetrative vaginal intercourse. If you did not use any protection at all and if she were HIV+, your average estimated risk of infection in these two encounters would have been about 1 in 2000. Now, if she did not have HIV+ the risk decreases to zero. If the condom she gave you was a latex or polyurethane one, then the risk decreases to zero. The variables, then, are her HIV status and the kind of condom used. It's always safest to assume your partner is HIV+ unless proven otherwise and take the proper precautions. I don't know actually what a lambskin condom feels like: I've never actually seen one up close nor would I ever use one. Latex, however, is easy to identity. Did the condom i feel like latex? I would be surprised if a lambskin and latex condom had the same texture. For your own peace of mind, get tested at 90 days and ignore symptoms. HIV can't be diagnosed by symptoms, anyway. Dan

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