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Taking Atripla
surenough posted:
How long should a person take Atripla after being proven undetected?
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georgiagail responded:
Are you asking how long one should take Atripla after it has been proven they are HIV negative?

Or are you asking how long one should take Atripla if HIV positive but their viral load has been reduced to "undetectable"?

GJ_66 responded:
A test result of undetectable does not mean one has been cured of HIV. There is currently no cure for HIV. A test result of undetectable means that the number of HIV cells present in your blood is very low---fewer than the blood test can accurately detect. HIV still exists in your blood and tissue.

You should stay on Atripla, or any other HAART regimen as prescribed to remain undetectable and help keep your CD4 count high. These factors will help you to stay healthy for many years, probably for your whole life.

If you stop taking your antiretroviral medications, you give HIV the opportunity to mutate, making it harder, or even impossible to treat. Take your Atripla every day and try to take it at the same time every day to maximize its effectiveness and minimize side effects. I have taken Atripla for several years---since it was in clinical trials. The side effects diminished after a few months. I do not notice any side effects now, other than the fact that I sleep a little bit better after taking my dose before bedtime. If side effects are troubling you, talk to your doctor.

In my Layman's opinion, Atripla is the best treatment currently available for HIV. Taking one pill, once a day, or however prescribed by your doctor is a much simpler regimen than the older treatments, which require many pills, many times a day, on a strict schedule, which also involves coordinating one's mealtimes and daily activities with the medication schedule.

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