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Nedd info about having sex with HIV
shylady52 posted:
I am a woman, 58 years old, got out of a 12 yr. relationship 3 yrs. ago and am now back in the dating. I was told on 12/24/97 that I got the HIV virus from a blood transfussion back in 1988, and not knowing this passed it onto the man I was living with. We only had intercourse with condoms, NO oral sex. My question here is, now that I am in the dating game again, I have questions about THE DO'S AND DON'TS OF HAVING ORAL SEX WITH MEN. Is there a web site I can go to, to get information about having sex and oral sex with a man who is not HIV positive. I know to use condoms when having intercourse, but not sure about oral sex. Hope some one can hep me. Thank you ever so much. Shlylady52
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David J Malebranche, MD, MPH responded:
Thanks for the question,

Check out these sites from the CDC on the issue of oral sex risk with HIV:

Professionally, I don't agree with their reporting that oral sex carries some risk for HIV transmission, because I have read numerous studies that have shown that oral sex carries close to NO risk for HIV. But the thing to remember is that oral sex CAN transmit STDs like syphilis, herpes, warts and gonorrhea, which can increase the risk of HIV transmission to your male partner if he has one of these STDs.

One thing I will remind you of with oral sex along those lines. I know you are concerned about transmitting HIV to him, but if I were you I would be more concerned of what you could possibly catch from him. STDs like the ones I described above are MUCH easier to catch than HIV, so when you decide to be with that special someone, make sure you both get tested for STDs as well so you can make sure you are not putting yourself at increased risk of catching anything else that will be easier to catch due to your positive status.

Smileyman responded:
ok what course of legal action do you take if a hospital or medical facility transmitts the hiv virus to you.? I would hope that facility would go broke ensuring your continued health

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