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unstable blood pressure
Anon_233611 posted:
My family leaves far from here and I only have contact with them over the internet and phone. My dad is 86 years old and is on blood pressure medication (Lozar, 25mg, 2/day, 1 morning, ½ night) as well as eye pressure and aspirin (80mg, 2/week). His blood pressure is not stable, always goes up and down from 160/80 to 80/50 and as the result of that he sleeps a lot and does not have energy. What can we do to stable that? I know having garlic in food stable his pressure and for whole day it was 130/80. Is he in low in potassium?
Please help.
Thank you,
billh99 responded:
I am sorry, but there is no medical professional that responds on this forum.

And even if it was they can really answer something like this without examining the person.

Electrolyte imbalance can cause problems with blood pressure, but that might have been caused by other problems.

And irregular heart beat could also cause similar problems.

Your father has to be seen by doctors.
Anon_233611 replied to billh99's response:
Thank you for getting back to me about this.

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