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Pre-hypertension, pre-diabetic, irregular heart rate.
eyegod posted:
Dear Doctor,

I hope I am posting this in the right forum as my case seems to have more than one issue.

I am male Asian Indian descent living in USA recently turned 31, single. I have never taken alcohol in my life, never smoked, have been doing high, medium, low intensity weight training, cardio, yoga, core workouts regularly for 3 years. I mean I am doing very well health wise and usually have good energy levels. My food habits also include lot of whole grains, dairy, veggies and whatever is considered good. I have managed that part nicely too.

I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes (102 after fasting) and BP as 134/84 and I also may have irregular heart beat (need to confirm this with a specialist). I do not understand how this can be the case at my age especially with living a very healthy lifestyle so far.

Others I know who are my age and smoke, drink, never worked out and have average food habits are just doing fine. My father is diabetic but that was after 45 and recently my mother was diagnosed with possible hypertension (although she is going through high stress for sometime now).

What possibly could be the case here?

Hope to get good insight.

Thank you,
billh99 responded:
No doctor monitors this forum.

You might want to post this in the heart forum

In general there are a large variations in humans. And genetic difference in difference races that cause different risk factors.

But, in general you will stay healthy LONGER than if you where not doing the right things.

In my case my father died from a heart attack at 43. I did not develop heart disease until I was 65 and then it did not lead to a heart attack.

I believe that, at least part of the difference, was from a better lifestyle.

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