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Sudden spike in blood pressure and heart rate
An_244034 posted:
I have been experiencing these sudden spikes in blood pressure and heart rate since last year. It has happened several times in a years time with 2 visits to ER. They did cardiac screening and kidney profile, MRI for kidneys and all other tests possible. They all did turn out negative. I am just 37 years old and on 3 adalat tablets, 2 Avapro and one hydro on daily basis. I lost 10 lbs and very particular about my diet with low sodium and high fibre diet. I am trying to find answers to my spikes in blood pressure and heart rate. My BP ranges from anywhere to 150/100 to 116/77 in a day while my heart rate varies anywhere from 120 bpm to 72 bpm. Pls. Help me find my answers. I am currently seeing a Nephrologist.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Welcome! Many people have come to this community with this issue. A few questions: Have you had your thyroid tested? What about sleep disorders? (Sleep apnea and/or restless leg syndrome) Great job on the weight loss and healthy eating. Are you getting any exercise?

Also, have you checked your prescription and non-prescription meds for blood pressure side effects? (Drug infor and user reviews here: WebMD Drugs & Medications A - Z)

Good luck - please keep being persistent!

subichou replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thanks Haylen. I am sure during my two visits to ER, they must have tested my TSH. Anyhow, I visited yesterday my Family Physician yesterday and gave my blood sample for thyroid testing. I am still awaiting the results. Will keep posting of any developments.

Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to subichou's response:

Keep us posted! Once you have a diagnosis, I might be able to point you towards some information or expert insight.


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