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High Blood Pressure and difficulty breathing
Rsmithmail posted:
I am a 63 year old male and consider myself in beter than average health. About six weeks ago I started having trouble breathing, my heart was beating fast and I felt faint. I ended up in the ER. They did cursory tests for a heart attack but found nothing. The symptoms go away after an hour or so.

Last week I had a severe attack and had to call an ambulance. My BP was around 195/95 with labored breathing. I ended up getting an angiogram. They found 20% blockage in one area and 50% in another.

The doctor gave me a prescription of Metoprolol 25mg twice a day. The next day I was back in the ER with the same problem. They just sent me home after a couple of hours with no new instructions. I am stil having spikes of 150/80, but am usually around 140/80. My breathing gets labored as my BP goes up.

I am worried that I am going to have a heart attack if the don't find what is wrong with me. Am I expecting the medication to work too fast? What should I do?

Please help! Ron
billh99 responded:
I am not sure about beta blockers. Some BP meds will have effect in a few hours. Others take a take a week or two to reach max effectiveness.

But you really should get a full workup by a cardiologist. ER is good for treating an IMMEDIATE emergency. But they are lousy for finding the cause of a problem. Specially one that does not present at all the time.

Some test that they might want to run include a Holter monitor, which is a small EKG that you wear for 24-48 hours. Also a stress test (treadmill) and echo.

Also, with those blockages I am surprised that they did not put you on a statin and aspirin.
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