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low blood pressure what do i do ?
Anon_181627 posted:
I have been sick with a sinus infection and my bp has been all over the place i got some antibiotics didnt help much my bp has been consistantly low all week lowest was 99/52 normal is about 117/72 to 123/80 i have a physically demanding job with the low bp i am tired all the time and grumpy too almost told my boss where to go once this week soon i will not be able to work if this goes on much longer if anyone can help thanks
trying2trimup responded:
also wanted to add i also take bp meds to control high bp
billh99 responded:
99/52 is not considered as low BP. But it might be a factor, specially depending on the type of BP med that you are on.

But there are a number of other issues. With the sinus infection you might not be eating enough or the right things. Might not even be getting enough water.

And the sinus inflection might be causing the problem itself. Or it might be a virus and not a baterial infection.

Time to go back to the doctor.
trying2trimup replied to billh99's response:
been back to the doc and she gave my stronger antibiotic and suggested i drink more water i am on day 2 of a 5 day course of antibiotic and i probably dont drink enough water she told me the bp was alright my normal is 117/72 i am trying to drink more water

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