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General BP question
Greg925 posted:
Hi all,
I have had, as long as I can remember, a blood pressure reading that has always been 120/80, or right around that range. In the last month or so, my blood pressure has flucated anywhere from the norm, up to 138/85. I know that this isn't incredibly high, but given that I have literally never seen an increase in my bp, I was very surprised by this fact. A couple of things to consider: I have a job that causes me a pretty fair amount of stress; this is coupled by the fact that I have recently suffered the loss of parent, which was extremely unforeseen, so I'm not sure whether this spike is stressed induced or what. I'm very active, and exercise 5 times a week, play in a flag football league, quit smoking 2 years ago, and generally feel better than I have since I was 18, 33 years old now. The only other thing that I can think of is that in addition to my increased exercise, I have started eating a much higher protein diet, although this is mainly in the form of lean protein, chicken & fish, as well as a daily protein shake. I don't really track it that much, but don't believe I eat an excessive amount of salt in my diet, so basically I'm at a loss. I have a lot of energy, and generally feel very good. Any thoughts, suggestions, feedback would be welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you!
billh99 responded:
People vary a lot, but stress and anxiety can definitive cause raise in BP.

And the unexpected loss of a parent is fairly high on the stress scale.

Mostly likely you don't need the extra protein of the shake, but I doubt that it has an effect on your BP.

But you might want to check the ingredient list. Some supplements can increase BP.

Chill out and go on with your life.

If still feel stressed out in 6 months then try talking to a clergyperson if you have one, a trusted mentor, or learn some relaxation methods such as yoga, deep breathing exercises, or meditation.

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