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Pressures not falling in the less than 120/80 range? See our High Blood Pressure Health Center for information about symptoms and treatment.

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Low Blood Pressure
Zswimgirl posted:
I have been experiencing low blood pressure after swim classes.
Swim classes are M-TH from 10-12 PM and F 11-12 PM. I go daily to do these cardio/strength/flexibility swim classes. On Friday we have a Zumba Swim class. The rest of the day I watch my favorite afternoon shows and get on the computer. I have been feeling dizzy when taking
my BP meds every day. when I took my BP it was 105/63, 107/65
and 106/64. I was thinking it was getting too low. I do not go to the
doctor until June 20. Is this bad to not take my meds when my BP
is under 120/80? I do not get dizzy when I do not take my meds when
swimming. But, it creeps up slowly to maybe 120/84. I am thinking my meds need to be adjusted for my new life style of exercising every week day. What do you think? Anyone else experience this problem?
billh99 responded:
105/63, 107/65 and 106/64

In general those are not low blood pressure, but you are having symptoms.

And 120/84 is not too high. Unless you have other conditions BP is usually not treated with meds unless it is higher than 139/89.

I can't recommend that you change your dosing, although I have done it myself. But in my case the first time my cardiologist recommended if I stared having symptoms. Knowing how my body reacted I reduced it again.

If you can't get an earlier appointment with your doctor then call the office and ask to speak to the nurse.

Explain what is going and if it is alright to adjust your meds and by how much.

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