any suggestions for hi bld cure besides pills? how bout vertigo?
An_245341 posted:
have high blood. was prescribed to take phentamine once a day 2 wks ago. suffered violent vertigo with extreme vomiting at work and was taken to the ER, where i was instructed to rid the phentemine which should've never prescribed to someone w/ hypertension (my diet np prescribed it, stating it should not have any adverse affect on my hi blood meds). after a f/u visit with pd, she agreed, but when i informed her that it was prescribed by np from same medical group, my pd said a number of other combinations could've triggered it. i now am suffering from vertigo and have to be off work (i have field job) rid of phentemine. i am now taking metropolol for high bld, alendronate sodium tabs for osteoperosis, and (recently) hydrochlorothiazide for the vertigo...isn't this all much too much? does anyone have any natural solutions for hi bld prssure (and vertigo)? ....all these damn meds are really making me ssoooo deppressed.
billh99 responded:
First of all I am not a I am not a medical professional. And there is no medical professional that responds in this forum.

But I have studied hypertension, but know very little about vertigo.

Here is some information on vertigo.

hydrochlorothiazide, often along with triamterene and a low sodium diet is used for M?ni?re's disease. But that is not the only type of vertigo.

For other types of vertigo a reposition exercise can be used.

Vertigo is a symptom, it can be caused by several different diseases.

Here is some information on hypertension.

And lifestyle changes are the first options. But they take some time.

And if you need BP meds, from my understanding beta blockers are a bad choice unless you have certain heart problems.

I would get a referral to an ENT diagnoses and treatment of the vertigo.

And ask if there is no STRONG reason not to stop all meds and then add ones back as needed.