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What harm does low diastolic pressure do to your body?
Learningmachine posted:

My dad , who is 70 years old, has had hypertension problem( 160/100 mm Hg) for many years and always taken medicines. In the past few months his diastolic pressure dropped to as low as 45--55 mm Hg, while the systolic pressure is around 130-140 mm Hg.

My question is, what harm the extra low diastolic pressure do to his body ? is there any potential life-threatening risk involved ?

My dad is in China. and none of the doctors there could give a decent explanation regarding my questions.

Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Here is a video that answers some questions about low blood pressure:

Heart Health and Risks of Low Blood Pressure

Here is an archived article from 2009 about additional risks:

Controversial Study Shows Very Low Blood Pressure May Raise Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke

I hope your father gets the medical care he needs!

billh99 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
Here father does not have low blood pressure.

What he has - Isolated Diastolic Hypotension -, more commonly called - Isolated Systolic Hypertension -. Or - High Pulse Pressure -.

A search on those terms will get more info. Here are a couple of links. \
Learningmachine replied to billh99's response:
Thanks very much for your reply. But my dad does has high blood pressure ( both systolic and diastolic) , as much as 160/100 mmHg. It is the medicine that makes his diastolic too low while keeps the systolic pressure normal.

Learningmachine replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
So do you think it may be of help if he takes smaller dosage or switch to another blood pressure controlling medicine ? Apparently low diastolic pressure is not paid as much attention as low systolic pressure.
billh99 replied to Learningmachine's response:
There is no medical professional that responds in this forum. And even if they did they could not be very specific in a recommendation with out examining him.

If you good a google on - isolated systolic hypertension treatment -

That might give you some clues. But these are mostly medical reports and some are only available by subscription.

Here are a couple.
largogae responded:
I have the very same problem and don't know how to explain it to the Doctor. Seems they don't understand. When my diastolic blood pressure drops it drops fast, but it goes back up within maybe 5 minutes. I feel very, very nervous and uncomfortable when this happens. Cannot sit or stand still. Must move. Also have restless leggs . Would love an answer to help correct this. Or maybe it is not serious and so the Doctor says nothing. Thanks

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