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Home Blood Pressure Monitors: Tracking Made Easier

Pressures not falling in the less than 120/80 range? See our High Blood Pressure Health Center for information about symptoms and treatment.

High Blood Pressure
An_245725 posted:
Hello, I'm 47 and realized last Sept I was not happy with my weight and the way I looked. So I decided to do something about it. In Sept of 2011 I was 187 Today I weigh in at 155 and feel terrific. Probably the best shape Ive been in since I was In high school. My Endurance is high my eating habits are clean. No alchahol , no junk food. All the healthy things necessary to sustain health weight loss. So Im in CVS yesterday decided to check my blood pressure thinking hey it should be awesome... Uhhh NOOOOO.. 147/93 stage one Hypertention. What the hell!! How can that be. Can anybody explain this.

billh99 responded:
You did not say, but with your comment about endurance I assume that you are getting regular exercise.

But you might need to step up the level of exercise somewhat and also adding resistance exercise to aerobic helps.

And high intensive interval training seems to help for than just increasing the duration of exercise.

Uhhh NOOOOO.. 147/93 stage one Hypertention. What the hell!! How can that be. Can anybody explain this

A healthy lifestyle does not guarantee low BP, but it certainly helps.

And you might have some reasons for the high BP at that time.

Are you taking anykind of suppliments or herbals. Some of them can raise BP.

And check your diet to see if you are getting enough potassium. It seems that the ration of potassium to sodium is more important than the amount of sodium eaten.

Personally I have a problem with anxiety and stress causing high BP. Sometimes I have found that my BP is up and then I have to start examining my life to see what is stressing me.

Also you have no idea of when that machine as last tested and calibrated.

So don't stress out about the one reading. But check it a couple of times over the next month or so and at different places if you can.
imnice responded:
Too much salt?
Hereditary factors?
Good diet? Try the DASH DIET which you can google and print.
Too much alcohol?

I was diagnosed at 42 with hypertension and believe me, you want to do everything you can to AVOID MEDICINES as they can be worse than the cure. See a doctor, try diet and exercise first and then if recommended, take the meds but dont go untreated as a stroke or heart attack is not worth it.
Good luck!!!
jjk666 responded:
High blood pressure usually is caused by excessive salt intake. There's more salt in whole wheat bread than potato chips so you cannot go by taste. Try eating a diet very low in salt (<1200mg sodium/day) for at least 2 weeks and check your BP again and odds are you'll be cured as long as you stay away from salt. For more info search google "hypertension and salt toxicty".

FYI 30 years ago my BP was higher than yours and my BP has been fine ever since getting most of the salt out of my diet. Good luck

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