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Medication prescribed by no hypertension? Should meds be taken?
dwcmommy posted:
My husband just did a 24 hour monitor for hypertension. It showed that he does not have hypertension (average over 24 hours was 130/80) but the doc prescribed an ACE inhibitor. He said something about the highest dose is 60mg, and a "good" dose is 8 mg, but he was prescribing 4 to "prevent" the possibility of him developing hypertension.

Is this common practice???

To me it doesn't make sense that he would take medication for something he doesn't have. (?) It's like saying "hey, maybe one day you'll get diabetes, so I'm going to get you to take this really low dose of insullin, just in case"...

Should he be taking this medication? We're thinking he needs a second opinion.
billh99 responded:
Well hypertension is defined as BP is 140 S or higher, or 90 D or higher.

But 120-139 / 80-89 is per-hypertensive.

So normally BP is not treated until it is over 140/90, but if there is diabetes treatment is started at 130.

IDEAL (lowest death rate for all causes) is 115/75.

ACEi are also cardio protective. So if he has an MI or angina there might be a reason to prescribe it for that.

I am not a medical professional (and none normally reply in this forum). By my though is that an ACEi would not normally prescribed for a BP of 130/80.

However, I could see it being prescribed based on his whole medical history and family history.

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