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Home Blood Pressure Monitors: Tracking Made Easier

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hypertension & high bllod presser by digital instrument is correct?
bimal151 posted:
It is to inform you that I feel that blood pressure checked by digital instrument if correct in full.
1.I have checked my blood pressure in digital instument twis within two minute time period and found great variasion in the blood presure result.In the first check us i find 150/100 and after 2 minutes again i massure and found 135/92.Why this difference.I massure in another digital instrument and find the same difference from the measurement of period of 2 minuts only.Can any body tell why such variation at the time period of 2 minutes only?
billh99 responded:
I have the same problem.

In my case I suspect that it is because I have a low resting heart rate 42-48. And I also have PVC's that can make the heart beat irregular.

And when I have a large amount of PVC's then I will get the wild differences. Sometimes 20-25 points. And when I have few PVC then the readings will be within 5-10 points.

Many home BP machines have a function to average the last 3 readings. I use that to get a more meaningful reading.

I have notice that the professional machines use better algorithms and don't have this problem.
billh99 responded:
PS, I did not answer why this happens.

The machine feels when pulses return and then stop again as the pressure in the cuff is reduced.

With slow heart rate there can be a large drop between the cuff pressure between beats.

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