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high blood pressure
An_247262 posted:
I started taking high blood pressure med on Monday and I bought my self
a home meter. but my blood pressure is higher than without the med
last reading were 169 lowest and 229 this morning riight after taking a
shower I was calm. but I'm very concerned now. The med that I'm taking is Lisinopril 20mg.

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billh99 responded:
The heat of shower might have had an effect.

When you take your BP you need to be seated with your feet on the floor and a back rest. And you are supported on a table.

While I suspect that it was a fluke 229 is high enough that it can be an emergency. If anytime you start feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or otherwise "bad" go to the ER.

But call your doctor first thing Monday morning and let them know what is happening. And when you go in take you BP meter with you.

They can verify that it is working correctly and that you are using it correctly.
medicare65 responded:
Change medications immediately. Lisinopril is not working for you. I take 100mg of verapamil twice a day, one dose of 20mg oof Lisinopril and 10 mg of Amlodopine. You have to play around with BP medicine to see what works for you. I am always having to adjust the amounts. Call your dr. and report this high BP.

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garlic oil
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