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HBP: Should I choose M.D. or D.O. for new doctor?
AliPaige72 posted:
My current doctor is out-of-network for my new insurance plan, and I'm wondering if I should search out a new MD or a DO.

I'm a 40yo female who has been treated for HBP for about 10 years. My parents both had very HBP, and my father had many heart attacks (first at 42yo) followed by a transplant (at 52yo).

I want to be as healthy as possible. I know that DOs can and do prescribe medicine, but I also know that medicine is rarely their first option.

Do I find a new MD and stick with the Atenolol that I've been taking? Or do I opt for a DO and hope that any alternative treatments would help ween me off of the medicine?

(I've only ever been to MDs, so I'm a bit leery to switch.)
billh99 responded:
You worded this one a little different, but my basic comments is the same.

But when you first see the doctor tell him what you want to do and see if he is receptive to working with you on that goal.

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