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High Blood Pressure with Flushes
Charleyespo posted:
I am a 65 yr.old female w/high blood pressure spikes and face flushing in the evenings about 8-10 p.m. I have spikes when I feel flushed. I was
diagnosed w/ high BP 6 yrs.ago and given 0.1 mg.Clonidine which took me 2 to 3 months to get use to. A doc I saw twice thinks the flushes are due to BP and they said my BP was high or borderline so he gives me an
additional BP MED called LOSARTAN 100mg!!!!! I'm going from 0.1mg to 100MG!!!! On Web MD there is an indication that diabetics are given this med to protect kidneys. I am not a diabetic. My sin is salt. But have used a 50% less sodium salt for last 6 years. I wanted him to run a hormone panel on me 'cause I suffered since age 52 with 24 hour sweats!!!!!!! His statement: "I could do that but what would 'you' do with it???" If I give you hormones (synthetic) you could get breast cancer." But, I'm hearing about hormones called BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES which means they are the same as yours. Both men and women are affected by
low hormones in later life. But our standard medical professionals do not
dabble in the 'real' thing. And it's probably very costly. I'm researching.

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Does anyone know if Clonidine .01mg and Losartan 100mg is safe to take together? Also, does anyone have info on BIO-IDENTICAL Hormones that
received this type of treatment?
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carolyn12632 responded:
My blood pressure spiked between midnight and 2 am and I went to the hospital 4 times in 2 months. Eight doctors ran various tests and could not find the cause. From my research, I learned that sleep apnea can cause this. Also a deviated septum can cause sleep apnea, and I have both. I am waiting to do the second test on sleep apnea. Also the new endocrinologist is again checking my endocrine glands which can also cause this.

Be your own advocate...check out the internet and go on reliable sites like Mayo Clinic, etc. I may not be correct in my findings, but at least I am finding more to check than any other doctor has done.
billh99 responded:
additional BP MED called LOSARTAN 100mg!!!!! I'm going from 0.1mg to 100MG!!!! On Web MD there is an indication that diabetics are given this med to protect kidneys. I am not a diabetic.

Those are completely different class of meds. The dosage of the 2 can not be compared.

Both high BP and diabetes can cause kidney damage.

Losartan is primarily prescribed for high BP. However, beside helping lower BP it also helps the kidneys of those that also have diabetes.

But the big question have you verified that your flushing is related to spikes in BP? Getting a home BP machine can be helpful.

And there can be many causes for spiking BP. Blocked kidney arteries, thyroid problems, adrenal gland problems, sleep problems and anxiety are just some.

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