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Relation between an upper respiratory infection and hypertension??
lionbaby73 posted:
I went to the immediate care clinic today because I'm feeling totally miserable with an URI and really bad allergies with "barking" cough and a massive headache. When they took my vitals my BP was at 154/110...I've been on bp meds for years (metoprolol, diovan/hct, norvasc) and I never fail to take why was my blood pressure so high if I took my meds and (obviously feeling so crappy) spent most of my day in bed? Should I be concerned?
billh99 responded:
No medical professional responds in this forum.

But I can see a number of reasons for increased BP. The stress and discomfort of condition like this will have an effect on BP.

And you probably have a reduced air flow and that will increase BP.

And any meds that you are taking (prescription or OTC) might affect it.

Also you are probably not eating as well or as active as you normally are.

You might want to call your PCP office and ask to speak to his nurse. Tell the nurse what is happening and if they want you to make an temporary adjustment in your meds.

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