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scarred posted:
I was diagnosed with hbp 3 weeks ago, and i have been so depressed and cant stop crying, i am so scarred of this I am 38 and never thought I would get this right now.
Anon_320 responded:
Scarred, you don't need to be afraid of your hbp. There are things you can do to control it, including watching your diet, exercise and medications. What did your doctor tell you? Did he/she prescribe any medications?
lifeline1 responded:
At 38 you are in a position to help yourself.....look at it as a wakeup call to take care of yourself by eating better and exercising. If you lose weight pressure will come down......
bells5 responded:
I too was diagnosed in my 40s. I became very stressed about it. Trying anything to get off the pills. The more I thought about it the worse I felt. Finally I accepted the fact that I had hbp and by treating this condition I physically felt better and more like myself than I did before. I had more energy and was less stressed. It took a long time because every time I went to the dr I asked if I could get off pills. He explained that treated hbp has less impact on interal organ and blood vessels.
So even though you are young, be glad it was diagnosed now than late when you might have had a heart attack, stroke or enlarged heart etc.
Good luck
Dispatchtrucker responded:
to quote anon_320....PLS DO NOT LET THIS SCARE U! I too hhave hbp as well as adult onset diabetes - & lucky for us these issues we have the choice to have lots of control over. Pls listen to your medical people and learn to ask questions...look up info on your own..this website is a great starter place. Also work on 'personal stress' learn about listening to what your body is telling you...get a blood pressure machine (they are easy to use) have your pharmacist (if u have one you trust) recomend one....certain brands do not like me; so I had to find one that I could get along with...pick your docs brain for info....practice letting little stuff not get to you... I wish you good health and many years of pestering people with questions. My 2 daughters nicknamed me 'the question lady' I'm a grandma now and married to a 4 tour disabled vietnam vet (PTSD DON;T LEAVE NAM WITHOUT IT) and he is a retired truck driver with a 100% clean record! GOOD LUCK! DISPATCH TRUCKER!
sahasrangshu responded:

First of all let me reassure you that you need not panic at hearing that your BP is high.You have to consult a general physician and seek his advice.You should stick to a DASH diet which means that you should consume plenty of greeen leafy vegetables and fresh fruits including berries.You must do light aerobic exercises regularly for 30 minutes a day,5 days a week.You have to stick to your medicines whatever your physician prescibes for you and you have to report immediately to your doctor if any side-effect so emerges.Your doctor might order a few blood tests and an ECG.Get them done immediately and be cheerful always as before.
mollie1 replied to sahasrangshu's response:
please do not ne afraid. scared or depressed.te wonderful thing is you know. It will be easier wjhen you high bllod pressure is controllled.I know mine has been high the 1984.IT ,uch bettter wehn you relax.Crying releases tnesion. THe worse case scernio is the unidiagnosed person who had a stroke because he diid not know.See your doctor he will help learn to accept the diagnosis.Happy new year

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