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Lisinopril 20/12.5
Shelby903 posted:
I'm 33 and was previously on Lisinopril 10/12.5 which was just recently upped to Lisinopril 20/12.5. As of late sometimes when I stand up I am feeling pretty lightheaded. (2 weeks or so). I have read many posts that this is a common side effect of lisinopril.

My BP when I took it yesterday was 117/70. I honestly don't know how long my BP was high because there was about 5 years in my life when I didn't see a Dr.

Is it possible that this lightheadedness is caused because my body is trying to adjust to what "normal BP" should be? Or is this just that common with lisinopril?

Thinking I will call my Dr. on Monday.

jlfrasc responded:
what are other choices for bp
billh99 responded:
This is not an uncommon problem with any BP med.

Usually this is more of a problem with older person.

With some meds and some people will adjust after a couple of weeks.

Sometimes this can be helped by changing dosing or type of med.

Maybe one 10/12.5 and one 5 mg of only lisinopril. Or maybe the lisinopril only without the HCTZ.

In general it is best to take at least one BP med at bedtime. Studies have shown that give better BP control and sometimes helps reduce side effects.

However, most people can't take HCTZ at night because they have to get up and go to the bathroom.

So lots to discuss with your doctor.

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